Santa’s early this year

HoHoHo!! Bring you a Dell Powerconnect 2724 Hoho!

That’s cool, thank’s to you Santa Ebay to offer me the chance to buy a super cool switch at a good price (25 GBPounds), it’s a old one but it will do the job because we are wiring the house.

Why dell and not Cisco or Juniper ? just because it looks like Dell’s firmware are freely downloadable.

Let’s Go!!!

First time I plugged in, I felt like I was in a datacenter, not because of the good powery feeling, but the noise…

Santa Ebay will gave me the solution again, I bought a silent fan (40x40x10mm) 2pin for 3GBP and it does the job. Seriously, I could have slept in the room, but I’m not sure with its 5000rpm it will cool down as well as the original…

(after nine months, I haven’t had any heating problems so far)

Let’s plug in a RJ45, no DHCP… normal it’s in unmanaged mode, I press the manage button and… no DHCP.

Hmmm, ok, the prvious owner probably used a very cool configuration. As usual, I don’t read the doc (this is stupid) and try something.

Let’s imagine, that the router is configured in /24 CIDR on network, I connect my laptop running kali linux (see the next post) and run a crap bash I coded in almost 2min (sorry for real coder, you’ll cry blood after seeing this)


for i in {0..254}
          ip a a 192.168.$i.102/24 dev eth0
          nmap -sP 192.168.$i.0/24
          ip a d 192.168.$i.102/24 dev eth0

no grep, just a really dirty bash.

I started this thingy and after two minutes (between the thoughts “I’m ashamed of this script” and “ok, and if it was another CIDR, let’s see how we can improve all this”) the result appeared before my amazed eyes on the screen There is a DELL MAC responding to TADAAAMM!!!!

Nothing very exciting on this post except that the fact is that I would have saved time by reading the doc. :’-)